Carving Pumpkin

Octorber 28, 2014

This is the first time that I carved a pumpkin!!! 

Really pumpkin!! OMG!! Can you believe that!!

I really need to said maybe I've some inherence of carving pumpkin :)))


 IMAG2692.jpg IMAG2693.jpg


It is so gross in the inside of the pumpkin, it is like sticky and wet 

You can image that you are holding a baby's diaper......  

IMAG2699.jpg IMAG2701.jpg  

IMAG2702.jpg     IMAG2708_BURST002_COVER.jpg

Look at my pumpkin!!! She is so cute!! 

(( I decided that it is a female pumpkin haha

 IMAG2705.jpg IMAG2706.jpg  

Do you guys see the witch stuck in the top of the pumpkin??

IMAG2712.jpg IMAG2714.jpg IMAG2719.jpg IMAG2725.jpg




Happy Halloween!! 

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