Letchworth state park

October 13, 2014

 I went to Letchworth State Park ,which is a New York state park, with my best friend JoAnna.




 located 35miles southwest of Rochester and 60miles southeast of Buffalo in Livingston (towns of Leicester, Mount Morris, and Portage) and Wyoming (towns of Castile and Genesee Falls) counties. The park is roughly 17 miles long, covering 14,350 acres of land along the Genesee River.



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We eat lunch in this beautiful park.

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 My host mother Julia.                     My best friend JoAnna.


The weather is so nice.

IMAG1911_BURST002.jpg       IMAG1910.jpg

Love this girl so much.



IMAG1913.jpg     IMAG1917.jpg     

The leaves are turning red and orange.


There is a gift shop in this building. I bought some post cards.

IMAG1926.jpg      IMAG1932.jpg

Historical museum.

IMAG1928.jpg       IMAG1945.jpg  

The park was named Letchworth Village in honor of William Pryor Letchworth. 


Within the park, there are 3 large waterfalls on the Genesee River.

IMAG1956.jpg        IMAG1960.jpg  

 This is one of them.


 IMAG1967.jpg     IMAG1968.jpg

IMAG1971.jpg     IMAG1997.jpg  

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My host parent and me.


IMAG1993.jpg IMAG1994.jpg  


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