在美國已經待了9個月了 (驚!! 時間怎麼過那麼快



要找點事做轉移注意力 哈哈

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心血來潮就想要來分享一下我shopping queen逛街所得來的收穫 哈哈

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-[現在]覺得 feeling uncomfortable in this class....

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Letchworth state park

October 13, 2014

 I went to Letchworth State Park ,which is a New York state park, with my best friend JoAnna.




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Trick or treating

October 31, 2014

Today is Halloween!!!! I'm super excited!!:))

Almost everyone in Clarence high school dress up for Halloween.

It is totally awesome!!!!



My best friend Joanna was a baton twiler.

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Carving Pumpkin

Octorber 28, 2014

This is the first time that I carved a pumpkin!!! 

Really pumpkin!! OMG!! Can you believe that!!

I really need to said maybe I've some inherence of carving pumpkin :)))


 IMAG2692.jpg IMAG2693.jpg


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Dinner at Black&Blue

Octorber 24,2014

We celebrated Julia's birthday early.

It is restaurant week, so the price of the dishes are more cheaper than usual.


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Buffalo zoo

Octorber 24,2014

I went to Buffalo zoo with Yujin, an Korean exchange student.

Centuries-old tree  

Taking a pic with Yujin infront of the centuries-old tree.


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Art Gallery

October 19, 2014

IMAG2148.jpg    IMAG2153.jpg

IMAG2157.jpg   IMAG2218.jpg  

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Powder Puff Football Game

October 6 , 2014


 Football game

Football game

My friend Emily

I and my friend Emily

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